Velvet Green Stables

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Pembroke, New Hampshire

Velvet Green Stables

Custom hand-painted stall signs featuring your horse!  Makes a great gift for your friends, trainers, clients, boarders, barn managers OR FOR YOURSELF!

Riding lessons

Looking for a drama-free, safe environment for you and your horse?  Velvet Green Stables offers top notch care on a down-to-earth, beautiful farm in the heart of horse country.

Custom Stall Signs

Meet The Horses of VGS

We love our horses!  And we love showing them off!  Meet the horses that brighten our days and make us smile.

Full Boarding  *  Lessons  *  Summer Camp

From beginners to advanced riders; adults to children - our riding lesson program has a strong foundation in rider confidence and safety.  Reach your goals in an encouraging and enjoyable environment.

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Summer Camp

Make lifelong memories filled with furry muzzles and new friends!  Small groups and many new horse adventures makes for a summer to remember.

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